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MET Festival Series - Burning Man inspired
150 RMB
Usage Instructions

1. The tickets cannot be changed into cash or refunded. 

2. The tickets are valid from 3:00pm to late on April 10th 2021.

3. Only E-Tickets for this event.


MET - Music Ecstatic Traders 

MET is a new concept that brings music festival cultures to Shanghai. By combining music, fashion, culture, art and appreciation to a better world- we connect as a community. 

On Saturday April 10th, from 3pm, MET-Burning Man inspired will be a costume themed event to create a free space for you to express without bounderies. Burning Man is a project to appreciate a better world, therefore we aim to curate a magical day & night for all to dance for the mother earth, water, sun, oceans, moon and the stars... sharing love & kindness by making collective memories without prejudices.

Here we ask you to bring the ray of sunshine, the spiritual and creative self to inspire and be inspired. 

Pre-sales Ticket = 150RMB

100.00 200.00